School of Rock coming to Roseville

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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The term, School of Rock, might be synonymous with the 2003 comedy starring Jack Black but Roseville’s future School of Rock manager Jason Kline said the company actually inspired the beloved film.

With the nearest location to Placer County being in Elk Grove, School of Rock general manager/music director Davis Hicks and owner Jason Cline have chosen Roseville as a new School of Rock location. Construction is estimated to be completed in spring 2019, according to Hicks. The Roseville School of Rock will be located at 288 Vernon St.

The company, formerly known as The Paul Green School of Rock Music, is a music education program for children, according to Kline.

Gold Country Media asked Hicks about the new move. His answers follow.


Why did you two choose Roseville to open up a School Of Rock location?  

“Roseville is a great city with vibrant culture and community events, perfect for a School of Rock. Our school will bring to Roseville a plethora of music education in a different way than this city has ever seen. We not only teach the fundamentals of music education but we also teach performance education through our Song-First Performance-Based program. In Roseville, we are very confident that the School of Rock will be a great asset to not only make Vernon Street even more of a mecca but help foster the arts in the entire community.”


How proactive will you be in the region?  

“We have already been very proactive throughout the region. Our sister school, which is up and running, is located in Elk Grove. This has been a great asset to this region as we are still preparing to open the school in Roseville in that we have been able to have performers from (School of Rock) Elk Grove perform on Vernon Street, The Fountains in Roseville, Denio’s, Harlow’s, Cal Expo, and coming up this weekend, Ace of Spades. Performing and getting out into the community is what we do not only to give a great performance but also to bring music to our community in every way that we can.”


What kind of programs do you offer?

“We are a Song-First Performance-Based music school. In addition to private instruction on theory and music fundamentals, our students are placed into performance groups who work on a vast majority of material. For example, some past seasons have included material from Metallica, Green Day, Classic Metal, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and many more. Our students learn to play music much faster in our program because they have private one-on-one training in addition to a rehearsal every week with their peers, where they can reinforce and apply what they learn. (School of Rock) brings not only musical knowledge to the people of Roseville but also great musical events and performances.”


What is your mission statement and how will you implement that in Roseville?  

“We make musicians in a safe, educational, open, accepting, and fun environment. We implement this through our support and instruction of our students and our outreach in the community.”