‘Revolve Tour' promotes teenage self-esteem through music

Two chances to see show at Bayside Church
By: Sydney Maynard, Press Tribune intern
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“The Revolve Tour: This is Love”

When: 7-10 p.m. April 5 and 9 a.m. to noon April 6
Where: Bayside Church, 8191 Sierra College Blvd. in Roseville
Cost: $59 standard, $79 VIP

Bayside Church welcomes the annual Revolve Tour, an event designed to reach out to teenage girls and tell them that they are loved.

The event is sponsored by Women of Faith, a Christian organization that seeks to grow women’s faith and spirituality. The Revolve Tour was created in 2005 when women attending Women of Faith conferences wanted their daughters to be exposed to a similar experience and the Revolve Tour was created in 2005. 
The Revolve Tour is centered around a different theme every year, presenting a variety of messages to the crowd. Previous themes have been “Inside Out,” which focused on the heart and how God views the heart, and “All Access,” which spoke about having all access to God through Jesus.
“This year the theme is called ‘This is Love,’ so I’m going to be talking about the topic of love,” said Minister Jenna Lucado Bishop.
This is Bishop’s sixth year speaking at the Revolve Tour, and she finds it to be a rewarding experience. 
“It’s been monumental to be finding my dream,” Bishop said. “I never, before Revolve, thought I had a dream to share the message of Christ on a stage with young women. As soon as I stepped out on the Revolve stage and I started meeting these girls, it was like God called me to do (his) work. It was huge in my direction and my message and my passion.”
At the “This is Love” event, Bishop will lead the girls in worship and Christian artists such as 2012 Grammy nominee Natalie Grant, pop group Anthem Lights and hip-hop artist KJ-52 will perform. In addition, real-life stories will be told to build teens’ self-esteem and help them face life’s challenges. 
KJ-52 uses his music to tell about his life experiences and reach out to teenagers. He has been performing at the Revolve Tour on and off for eight years.
“I think a lot of times girls need to hear that they’re not alone,” KJ-52 said. “And what they need to be surrounded with is like-minded people. It’s about strength in numbers. The Revolve Tour really speaks to that and (to) someone who may not know who Christ really is.”