‘Idol’ winner named

Singing showcase raises $23,000 for Roseville Theatre Arts Academy
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Twenty-five contestants battled one another’s singing skills to be named the first “RTAA Idol.”

The official winner is Monica Wright. But Roseville’s performing arts community and its fans also win.

The Roseville Theatre Arts Academy (RTAA) held the “Idol” event May 22 to raise funds to benefit the historic Roseville Theater on Vernon Street. Between ticket sales, silent auction pledges and cash donations, the event raised $23,000.

The event, modeled after FOX’s “American Idol,” was initially intended to be a small, fun performance to showcase some local talent. That changed when the nonprofit Roseville Theatre Arts Academy learned the assets of the Roseville Theater, which serves as the organization’s headquarters, were being seized.

The previous tenant had used the theater’s assets as collateral in a loan. The tenant defaulted and the bank wanted to retrieve items — light fixtures, seats, curtains and more — to sell at auction to recoup the losses, said RTAA President Michelle Raskey, in a press release.

Raskey served as one of the three “Idol” judges. David Garrison, the artistic director for The Alternative Arts Collective in Roseville, and local film critic Mike Mechanick also served as judges. Actor Nick Adorno hosted the event.

“I would never have believed we could raise this much money, but it just goes to show how important (Roseville Theater) is to the people in our community,” said Music Director Jennifer Vaughn.

~ Sena Christian