‘Horrible Bosses’ succeeds in adult-oriented comedy

Movie review
By: Frank Miller Special to The News Messenger
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Everyone seems to have a co-worker or a boss that they just can’t stand. A few of these individuals may even have had a dark daydream or two about getting rid of them to make their work environment more enjoyable. For the record, my editors are great so don’t get any ideas. No, the people who really need to worry are the titular “Horrible Bosses” played by Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston. These three make the office vibe so bad that their subordinates, played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day, devise a plan to murder them for the greater good. Because none of them have any experience in the field of contract killing, they hire a consultant, with a name not suitable for print, played by Jamie Foxx, who helps the guys out with some homicide pointers. Surprisingly, much of the humor comes from the three friends bumbling over how they stalk their prey and not from the bosses themselves. This type of movie seems like a perfect showcase for established actors to really chew some scenery and they do, but in smaller doses than expected. Spacey and Aniston get the most screen time but the most outlandish of the three, a comb over-wearing Farrell, sadly gets the short end of the stick. The movie features a breakout performance by Charlie Day (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) who steals just about every scene he’s in. Foxx also seems to have really enjoyed the material and makes the most out of the little he has been given. Director Seth Gordon has made a smooth transition from documentaries (“King of Kong”) to feature films and may have found his calling in comedy. “Horrible Bosses” is the type of funny and original R-rated movie that moviegoers are turning out in droves for lately, and hopefully, it bodes well for more adult-oriented comedies in the future. Frank Miller is a Sacramento writer. ---------- “Horrible Bosses” Directed by Seth Gordon Starring: Patrick Bateman, Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day Rating: Four out of five stars