‘Corpse Flower’ ready to bloom in Roseville

Stinky flower notoriously hard to grow
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In what may be a first, a group of public high school students and a biology teacher have brought a “Titan Arum,” better known as “Corpse Flower,” to bloom.

“We have been caring for a couple of these plants for the past several years, and on Monday it became clear that our 10-year-old plant is blooming for the first time,” said Roseville High School teacher C.J. Addington.

This large flower, famous for its stench, is notoriously hard to grow and bring to bloom.

Some might recall that a “Corpse Flower” at the University of California at Davis occasionally blooms. But Addington said Davis faculty thinks this might the first time a public school has been successful.

He expects the massive flower to open on Monday, July 25 or Tuesday, July 26. Roseville High School will arrange for a public viewing once that happens and post the details at

~ Sena Christian